The secrets of the Magical Island of Aegina


If you want a short excursion, the island of Aegina is one of the most beautiful nearby destinations in Attica.

Some of the attractions of the island are:

• The neoclassical mansion – Government House

• The archeological site of Kolona and the archeological museum of Aegina

• The temple of Aphaea

• Paleohora

In terms of food, the island is clearly famous for its fish and seafood delicacies. Some of the most famous traditional fish and ouzo appetizers are:

• Ouzeri “O Skotadis”

• The taverns “Agora” and “To Steki” in the fish market

Finally, is there a trip without gifts? It cannot be done! The gifts that you can buy on the island of Aegina are pistachios of Aegina as well as many derivative products with basic pistachio such as Chocolates Stuffed with Pistachio, Homemade Sweet Cookies with Aegina Pistachio and Chocolate and many more.

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